Saturday, August 11, 2012

A busy summer

Twin Lakes, CO
the Aspens in Colorado
Well, I haven't posted in over 2 months.  Life is busy.  If you've visited my daughter's blog, Tie-Dyed Rainbow, you know that we took a vacation through Colorado and a corner of South Dakota.  It was beautiful!  And cool (as in, not hot)!

I was also given MORE zucchini, which I shredded and froze to put into zucchini cornbread!  It's really good.  The friend from church who gave us the zucchini had made us some and shared the recipe.

That same friend gave us cucumbers, and we love to make home-canned pickles.  So, I've been pickling.  (I learned that you never want to get vinegar in your eyes!  It stings like I've never experienced before.  The discomfort lasted about a week.)

our little peach tree
Our dwarf peach tree yielded 600 peaches!  Yes, I counted.  I can't believe how many we got.  We ate a few fresh, gave a few away, froze something like 32 cups of peaches in apple juice, canned 12 pints of peach jam (I was tired of peeling, and so I left the peel on.  They turned out great.), and gave the rest to my mom for her to freeze.

pears in apple juice with cinnamon

Then, we had pears.  Our small tree only had maybe 40, but I asked someone in town if I could pick their pears (which were ready and they weren't going to use) and ended up with about 60 pounds of pears.  I started peeling to freeze them when my 7-year old suggested the apple corer-peeler-slicer that I bought from Pampered Chef years ago.  That thing was wonderful!  I had boys and girls all hanging around for a turn at the crank.  It went very quickly.  We canned 16 quarts of pears in apple juice and stuck 2 cinnamon sticks in each jar.  Plus, I froze pears in cinnamon and apple juice too.  I made a few cobblers last weekend with the pears and peaches.  They were soo good!  Honestly, I don't like peaches or pears fresh.  I'm weird.  But, the pear cobbler tasted like apple pie!  It was so good.  I ate it for breakfast too ... twice.  But, my family doesn't know that.  Maybe they'll read my blog.  :)

spaghetti sauce, potatoes, and pickles
The garden is done for the summer now though.  We had such prolific grape tomatoes.  I roasted LOTS of them in olive oil and basil.  They were so good, I was just popping them in my mouth when I got them out of the oven.  I also don't like fresh tomatoes.  I'm weird.  I'm repeating myself.  But, these roasted tomatoes are so good.  Put them on homemade pizza, in chicken with pesto, etc.  I tried them in eggs yesterday, and that wasn't so great.  The roma tomatoes were all canned into spaghetti sauce.  I can't remember, but we probably had 16 quarts?.  We actually canned a lot of the potatoes too because it's too hot here to try to keep them.

from eggs to stew

Oh, and we didn't want to have to ask anyone to take care of our chickens while we were on our trip, so here they are: 

So, this is why the blog has been neglected.  Life is busy.

My point is... when a friend gives you veggies, find a way to use them.  When you have veggies (even if you don't like them), find a way to use them.  I got tired of roasting grape tomatoes, so I found a recipe for pickled grape tomatoes.  We pickled 6 pints.  I don't like them.  Oh well.  But, my husband uses them like olives on a salad.  

Use the internet.  I did.  I can't tell you how many recipes I've found just googling what I want to do, like "what to do with grape tomatoes."  My next project I'm looking into is making homemade soap.  I'm finding all kinds of useful information on the internet.  I hope to post soon.  I went to a garage sale today and found a lot of useful things for my family.  The best treasure I found is this box.  I have no idea of what it was.  But, I thought it was perfect for a soap mold... my soapbox!

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  1. You'll have to post pictures of your soap. Can't wait to see!